ABEC-7 4030 bearings for ø30mm spindle crank sets ( sold in pairs only)


Size Guide

These ultra-performance 4030 ABEC-7 bearings are 40x30x7 whereas standard BB30 bearings measure 42x30x7, and are what's needed for any BB86/BB92/BB30/BB30A BBInfinite module application using a 30mm spindle crank set. 

Each bearing kit ships with: 2x ABEC-7 4030 bearings and 2x BBInfinite logo bearing shields.

BB86 Bottom Bracket Bearing Dimensions: 41 x 86.5

4030 Bearing Dimension 30x40x7

BB92 Bottom Bracket Bearing Dimensions: 41 x 91.5

4030 Bearing Dimension 30x40x7

Select bearing shield color before checkout.

Bottom Bracket Selection Guide