Zipp NSW Ceramitech Wheel Bearing Kit-04 ( Firecrest, Firestrike, NSW) Rim Brake/Disc Brake


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  • This kit fits Zipp 30/60 wheel hubs; Firecrest, Firestrike, NSW, rim and disc brake versions. Select Disc Brake or Rim Brake before adding to cart.


    1) Ceramitech bicycle wheel bearings feature Grade 5 balls, the highest quality aerospace grade available. Precise internal tolerances mean you get the smoothest rolling assemblies possible.

    2) Ceramitech bicycle wheel bearings are extremely wear resistant because our ceramic material is much harder than the hardest steel bearings. Expensive bearings need to last, and last, and these do.

    3) Our silicon nitride balls are 60% lighter than steel balls. Not just important to the weight weenies out there, this lower mass means faster spin up, and that’s speed, baby.

    4) Our special low-contact seals and Kluber Iso Flex grease mean Ceramitech bicycle wheel bearings have 20-30 times lower friction than steel bearings with standard seals and standard lubrication. Go stir a tub of axle grease. Now stir some oil. Any questions?

    Unlike many “ceramic kits” on the market, our Ceramic Bearing Kits replace every bearing in your wheel set and not just the hub bearings. Efficiency is the new Aero. You’re already turning the wheels, so why not go faster?

    More about ceramitech bearings

    Parasitic drag is the enemy within any machine. Frictional losses pile on bit by bit, consuming effort that should be moving you forward. But in any ceramic bearing it's not the balls that wear out, it's the races, which soon fail, causing wattage-sapping drag. That's why our Ceramitech bearing races are processed with additional melting and heat treatment steps. The result is a type of corrosion-resistant steel with a very uniform fine grain material structure that is then micro polished for an ultra smooth race channel. This process produces a bearing race set that is hard enough to resist ceramic-induced wear, and so smooth that there's no good place for wear to begin. Like you we measure success by comparing distance over time. With BBInfinite and Ceramitech, you'll go the distance time, and time again, faster, and faster still.

    Rim brake kits: 6803(4), 6903(2). Disc brake kits: 6803(2), 6903(4).

  • Technical Specifications

    Rim Brake Front Hub 2x 6803  26mm X 17mm X 5mm

    Rim Brake Rear Hub 2x 6903 30mm X 17mm X 7mm

    Rim Brake Free Hub 2x 6803 26mm X 17mm X 5mm


    Disc Brake Front Hub 2x 6903 30mm X 17mm X 7mm

    Disc Brake Rear Hub 2x 6903 30mm X 17mm X 7mm

    Disc Brake Free Hub 2x 6803 26mm X 17mm X 5mm

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