Remove a Module?

Remove a Module?

October 30, 2015

Updated and revised December 17, 2021

ATTENTION: We discontinued pneumatic extraction a few years ago. The videos are still floating around, leading people to believe that an air hammer is necessary for module extraction, which it is not. An air hammer can still be utilized if you like, it's just not required. Swinging a good old ball peen hammer does the trick just fine nowadays, so don't fret if you don't have an air compressor. And now, on to the blog....

To extract, or not to extract, and the answer is generally not to extract, but let's cut to the chase: These are the top reasons module removal is necessary:

  1. A Di2/EPS wire came loose inside the frame and the module is in the way. All I can say is be careful when pulling the seat post out. And always, always plug the connectors into the junctions with the Di2 connector tool until it is seated into place with a tactile snap.
  2. Somebody pulled an inner wire (mechanical shift) out of the frame. This scores an 11 on the Sucktitude scale, has happened to all of us at some point, and can be avoided by employing good technique.
  3. Changing crank standards. If you've got a BBInfinite XL/Dub module, you can switch between DUB and 30mm cranks at will. But if you're switching from a 30mm or DUB to Shimano, Gxp or Campy, or vice versa, you'll need to run a different module, and thus the old module must be removed. Always ask us first before taking the plunge. We're here to help.
  4. Frame Warranty. This is the most common reason for module removal. If the new frame is the same standard, and the crank is not changing, then you'll want to remove the BBi module to use in the new frame.

If it's not 1-4 you probably don't need to extract the module.

Here's a common scenario we see often:

People hear a creak, assume it's the BBi module, and then jump immediately to "I should remove the module" as part of a diagnostic process, kind of like removing a kidney for inspection rather than thoroughly testing for and treating the infection with antibiotics. Let me save you time and effort: Exploratory surgery is never the answer to a creaking problem. If your bike is creaking start the diagnosis here.

If you need to change out a bad bearing, or the bearings need service, it's a snap seeing that both procedures are carried out with the module in the bike.

If it turns out you must remove the BBInfinite module, here are the bike bottom bracket tools you need:

The MTS-1 can be purchased or rented here.


People often ask if it's possible to remove a BBInfinite module without using the MTS-1, and the answer is maybe. Savvy techs and home mechanics have successfully removed modules with items purchase from the hardware store. We don't think this is worth messing around with when the correct tool is readily available for purchase or rental.

The bottom line is that we've all grown so accustomed to the throw-away, one-time-use, and often short-term-use pressfit bottom bracket that it's hard to think of a product that serves the same purpose being there, quietly dishing out superb performance year after year. But that is exactly what a BBInfinite bottom bracket module does: The same job; only better, faster, and longer.

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Also in BBInfinite exists to elevate the bottom bracket to the high-performance, low-maintenance, reliable component it is meant to be. Rid yourself of press fit bottom bracket creaks and pops. BBInfinite is silent performance.

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