Whether you're fixing a bottom bracket creak or you're looking for performance enhancement, BBInfinite has exactly what you need.

Product Selection Section

Which type of bottom bracket module do I need??

Email us at info@bbinfinite.com and let know the bicycle frame type (e.g. road), frame manufacturer, frame model and model year, and crank type (manufacturer and model), and with this information we'll reply with a link directly to the product you need. Attach a few pictures showing the crank and bottom bracket area clearly, and one of the entire bicycle to aid us in our quest to get you on the right track.

Creaking Bottom Bracket Section

My bottom bracket is creaking and I've tried everything to fix it. How does a BBInfinite Bottom Bracket module fix a creaking problem?

We fit creaking bottom brackets with proper engineering and precision machining. Watch this brief BBInfinite primer PressFit Perfection to get the lowdown on how we do it while all others fail.

I heard that PressFit bikes just creak. Is that true?

No, that is completely false information. PressFit bb's offer the potential for the highest level performance possible, thanks to BBInfinite. There is no reason for your PressFit bike to creak, crunch, crack, or make any noises at all. Unless the frame is cracked the bike will be quiet.

Can a creaking and popping bottom bracket damage my frame?

Yes, it can. A creaking bottom bracket means there's movement between the bb and the frame. The more a bottom bracket creaks the more it is moving. This movement over time can wallow out the frame bb shell openings, enlarging them and elongating them, making them more susceptible to creaking and making it impossible to fit new bb's. Don't freak out, it takes a long time. We've seen only a handful of bikes go in the junk heap due to bb shell ovalization. Install a BBInfinite module to save your frame, and your sanity.

General Bottom Bracket Information Section

How much do the modules weigh?

Each module model has its weight published under the product description. Go to the BBInfinite bottom bracket page for the type of bottom bracket you desire and you'll find a series of tabs in the product description area. The "info" tab is open already. The last tab "specifications" is where you'll find the product weight along with it's external dimensions.

Do all BBInfinite Modules have bushings in the middle?

No. Only modules designed for a 30mm spindle require a bushing due to variances in 30mm crank set design and "set up" from one manufacturer to another. These inconsistencies are mostly in the area of preload adjustment methods that put too much side load on the bearings. These over-preloading situations require the use of a bushing between the inner races of each bearing to ensure proper performance. Shimano DirectFit and Campagnolo DirectFit models do not need a bushing. GXP modules have a short bushing that reduces the bearing diameter on one side, but it is not a full length version found on BBInfinite 30mm crank spindle models..

Can I use adaptors with a BBInfinite Module?

We'd rather you didn't. Technically, it is possible, but such action departs from the basic principles of BBInfinite engineering methodology. Adaptors cause creaks and bearing alignment problems, and are unnecessary when you can select the proper BBInfinite Module for your frame and crank set for a creak-free, high performance riding experience.

How long do the bearings last?

It varies. Road applications typically last 8,000-12,000 miles for steel bearings and 8,000-12,000 miles for Ceramitech bearings. MTB applications are entirely dependent upon conditions, especially water exposure. Example: A Category 1 MTB racer can usually go an entire season, racing a full schedule, on a single set of bearings of either type. Ceramitechs are better in wet conditions due to a high degree of corrosion resistance.

Will a BBInfinite Module work with my power crank/power meter?

Absolutely. We designed them specifically to be compatible with even the somewhat troublesome-to-fit older model SRM cranks. BBInfinite Modules are compatible with all power cranks/power meters.

Are BBInfinite Modules compatible with my Rotor Qrings / Osymetric rings?

Absolutely. BBInfinite Modules are compatible with all chain rings; be they round, not-so-round, or almost square.

Installation Questions Section

Do I need special tools to install a BBInfinite Module?

We supply the special press interface tools (module driver and a standoff bushing) required with any BBInfinite Module purchase. We designed our press interface tools to work with Park Tools HHP-2 or HHP-1 headset presses and our own bike bottom bracket tools.

Do I need to use Loctite/retaining compound? If so, which type do you recommend?

Yes, we spec a retaining compound. We furnish the required retaining compounds specific to your installation. We send VibraTite 530 with every module, but Loctite 609 or 641 may be substituted.

I’ve recently purchased a BB30A bottom bracket from you to fit a CAAD12. How does the unit interact with the internal cable routing for the front and rear derailleur?

The module has the proper relief cutout in the product. Loosen the cable tension to get the snorkel to drop. To loosen to cable tension shift both derailleurs into the big chainrings, then without peddling shift down on the derailleurs. As long as you don’t pedal the Derailleurs will be held back by the chain and the cables will slack. Align the module cutout with the frame and install. The snorkel will have room to fit back in the frame and module. Done.

Do you have an installation video?

We have many. Here is one of our favorites: BBInfinite Installation Video.

Product Service Section

What maintenance does a BBInfinite Module require?

None. We have no recommended maintenance schedule or procedure. When bearings wear out, replace them, otherwise, just go ride.

Are the bearings serviceable or do I need a new module when they wear out?

Because BBInfinite Modules are not disposable and last a lifetime, the bearings are easily replaced while the module is installed in the bike. It's fast and easy with common hand tools and an appropriate bearing press. Watch the BBInfinite Module Bearing Service video all the way through before starting your own installation.

Do ceramic bearings in a BBInfinite Bottom Bracket Module require regular maintenance??

It is not necessary because the service life of Ceramitech bearings is long and certain aspects of maintenance procedures, such as removing the bearings, actually causes harm and shortens bearing life. Ceramic bearings should only be removed if the intention is to replace them. It is too easy to damage bearings removing them. Leave them alone and go ride.

Do Ceramitech rear derailleur pulleys require maintenance?

Absolutely. Pulleys are exposed to drivetrain grit and grime every ride, and the pulleys should be maintained accordingly. It's fast and easy and requires no special tools. Watch the BBInfinite Ceramitech Pulley Maintenance Video to see how it's done.