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About VibraTite 530: This is the same 2ml bottle of Vibra Tite 530 that ships with every bottom bracket module we send out. For press-fit applications only. If the fit is loose this bearing retaining compound will not work.

About VibraTite 538: This bottom bracket retaining compound ships in a 2ml bottle. The Vibra Tite 538 retaining compound bottom bracket is formulated for extremely loose fits, typically referred to as slip fits. DO NOT USE VIBRA TITE BEARING RETAINING COMPOUND ON TIGHT FITTING / PRESS FIT APPLICATIONS.

BB90 and BB95 users: Use VibraTite538 if the bearings can be installed and removed from the frame bb shell without tools and with little effort by hand. Using VibraTite538 on frames with a tight fit could result in frame damage.

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