This Product saved my 2006 BB30 Frame from the Dumpster.  Thanks BBInfinite! -Charles


Just wanted to say I love your product! BBInfinite was very helpful hooked me up with the correct BB and it fits like a glove. You guys keep up the good work, great customer service along with an outstanding product.Thanks again. -Patrick Redding,Ca


By far the best PF30 BB on the market.  I have been using this BB since 2014 and have had zero issues.  I actually replaced a CK PF30 because I was not happy with its performance.  The bbinfinite is easily the best.  I needed to waste money on other BB's until I found this solution.  If you have any pressfit BB there is no better option.  This BB has climbed many of the toughest climbs in the world with no issues, through rain, snow, hail... -Darin


I have never written a review of a product, but today I must share my delight with the BBInfinite PF30A bottom bracket insert with ABEC-7 bearings. I ride a 2018 Cannondale Supersix EVO Hi-mod frame with Shimano Dura-ace DI-2 shifting and a Quark DFour91 power meter. My bottom bracket seemed fine with my original set-up, no noise, it was a great set-up. (I was using BBInfinite ABEC 7 bearings pressed into bottom bracket cups). I have been focusing on "saving watts". Which I have been successful at with other components such as pulley wheels (BBInfinite) and chain lube (Molten Speedwax). The time came to change my bottom bracket bearings. I made the decision to try the BBInfinite bottom bracket insert. I had read-up on the unit and the theory made sense. Why not give it a try? Well, I placed the PF30A myself which was very easy to do, even with the DI2 wires running within the bottom bracket. I placed my bike on the trainer and immediately felt a difference.... this baby is smooth. Yesterday, I went for a ride with a friend and I knew right away that my bike was performing better than ever. Today I did 45 miles in the Adirondack mountains just to make sure I wasn't imagining things. My results are awesome, 4 personal bests, on a course that I ride regularly, and my perceived effort was a 7 out of 10! If a rider doesn't know what "saving watts" feels like, try this insert, you will feel it! For the "weight weenies", after removing my previous bottom bracket cups and bearings and placing the new insert and bearings, I gained about 2 ounces. What I am saving in watts surely outweighs the weight increase. (Maybe the weight increase will make me faster on the downhill?) I would love to do some thorough lab testing with this to see the true numbers. Every serious rider should be using this insert. Thank you for a wonderful product! -Mark H


Been riding Cervelo R3's with Campy stuff for 6 or more years.  When Cervelo went to BBRight, I had to use Campy's alloy cups and loctite them in.  Neither I or a high-end shop that knows Campy and Cervelo could get them to be quiet and not creak on a long-term basis.  Cervelo Tech told me about BBInfinite a few months ago.  Bought one and installed it exactly per BBInfinite instructions and just like BBInfinite says - no more creaks, a more solid BB and the crank spins infinitely better.  Next I told my friends about it.  Guys on Ridleys, Giants and other Cervelos.  Same thing happened for them.  They PF30 or whatever press fit standard cranks they had barely spun before including high-end crank sets, but now with BBInfinite's BB's installed solution, everyone's cranks spin smooth, fast, long and noise free!  BBInfinite has slayed the bike industry Pressfit mess and turned sub-par BB/Cranks into maybe the best BB solution the bike industry has yet seen.  Am I enthusiastic?  Yes, after all of the hassles I had for years with variations on a standard Pressfit solution.  Thanks BBInfinite! -Randy


On the advice of the guys at Echelon Bikes Knoxville, decided to give it a go, so far after a few hundred miles still no creak, solid, and spins very smooth. Cervelo should OEM these things! -Daniel


After trying half a dozen PF30 systems in a Cervelo P5Six we still couldn't get a customers' ceramic BB to spin smoothly. I installed a BBInfinite Ceramitec, which corrected the axial alignment of the bearings, and it's as smooth as butter now.  I'll definitely be using more of these!  -Ben


Prodotto ottimo ben fatto lo consiglio vivamente anche se il prezzo e un po elevato -Andrea


In 5 years and almost 20,000 kilometers on my Cervelo R3, I've been through at least 8 bottom brackets. I've got just over 1000 kms on the BBInfinite without any squeaks, creaks, pops or other noises. So far, this is a super-fantastic BB! Yes, Cervelo should include your BB's as original installation on all their BBRight bikes! -Jim



I just wanted to thank you for making a stunningly impressive product at an amazing price.  After numerous trips to the shop to try and cure my PF woes, I decided to upgrade to the BB Infinite BB and  your Ceramic Bearings.  The result was nothing short of amazing.  Fast, smooth and quiet, the transformation was incredible!

Keep up the good work!


I have a Cervelo S3; the bottom bracket and the adapters for GXP drove me nuts.  Endless creaking.  After one year, I had destroyed one set of bearings.  I went through four installs on two subsequent bottom brackets trying to get them to work reliably.  Finally, I gave up and got the bbinfinite bbright to GXP module for my bike; I am no expert, but I did not have trouble installing it.  Now, 6 months later, still outstanding.  Tiny bit of clicking at maximum output (which could be the pedals or something else too), but it never, ever gets beyond that.  Very smooth spinning, even with the ABEC bearings.  I wish I had known about this module sooner, it would have saved me a lot of grief.  The only other thing I wanted to note is that there was a loud popping sound when I installed mine; according to other forums, a lot of other people experienced this as well.   It didn't seem to impact anyone from what I can tell, it was just a little surprising for a novice bike mechanic like me.   -Jon


This is worth every day I waited !
Thank You for making it possible for me to use my Super Record Crank Set on my 2017 Supersix EVO Hi Mod  -Tommaso

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