BSA English Threaded GXP MTB Bottom Bracket


Size Guide

  • The BBInfinite BSA Threaded GXP Bottom Bracket Cups work with all GXP-standard MTB cranksets on the market, be it Sram, Quarg, and all others.

    Alloy bottom bracket cups are MilSpec MIL-A-8625 Type II anodized for extreme durability. On the drive side, a polymer labyrinth seal bearing cover with integrated bushing keeps out dirt and debris while isolating the steel bearing races from the steel spindle, halting creaks, corrosion, and accelerated wear of the crank spindle itself. The spline side (non-drive side) features an anodized, precision machined bushing and anodized alloy bearing shield. The GXP BSA external bearing bottom bracket installs with common socket-style, 16-notch tools such as the classic Shimano TL-FC33, Park Tools BBT-69.2, and many others. Spacer kit included with threaded BSA bottom bracket.


    Ceramitech Bearings: Our Si3n4 hybrid ceramic bearings feature ultra-spherical silicon nitride balls matched to SAE 52100 chrome steel bearing races that have been processed with additional heat treatment and polishing steps. The result is a hybrid-ceramic bearing that lasts longer than any steel bearing with spin performance no steel bearing can rival. We’re so confident in the durability of our Ceramitech bearings that we back them with a Lifetime Bearing Exchange warranty. These GXP BSA external bearing bottom brackets feature mid-contact seals for extreme performance and endurance. Each bearing comes lubricated with Kluber Isoflex Topas NB 52. Lifetime Warranty.

    WS2 Coated Ceramitech Bearings: We took our amazing Ceramitech bearings and added an extremely durable, tungsten disulfide (WS2) coating that has a 0.03 coefficient of friction---which means it’s slicker than Teflon, graphite, and even molybdenum disulfide. WS2 has an affinity for oils and greases, which means it maintains a hydrodynamic layer of lubricant where it’s needed most. The result is astonishing spin performance and increased endurance. These bearings feature mid-contact seals for extreme performance and durability. Each bearing comes lubricated with Kluber Isoflex Topas NB52. Lifetime Warranty.

    ABEC-7 Steel Bearings: Crafted from SAE 52100 chrome steel, our BBInfinite ABEC-7 (ISO 492, Class 4) bearings are so buttery that you’d have to buy our Ceramitechs to find anything better. These bearings feature mid-contact seals for extreme performance and durability. Each GXP BSA external bearing bottom bracket comes lubricated with Kluber or Koyo. 1-Year Bearing Exchange Warranty.

  • Technical Specifications


    WS2: 93g | CERAMITECH: 94g | ABEC-7 SS: 97g

    Frame Width: 73mm

    Frame Diameter: BSA Threaded

    Spindle Diameter: 24mm / 22mm

    Bearing Size: 6805

    Ceramitech 6805 | ABEC-7 6805

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