All Mountain Bike Pulleys


Derailleur pulleys are a crucial component of your bicycle. Optimize your drive train and performance by upgrading to Ceramitech pulleys. Bicycle pulleys right from the factory have a ridiculous amount of drag that causes you to work harder without going any faster. Ceramitech pulleys are here to change that. Welcome to the future of speed at BBInfinite.

What should you select?

For ALL 10 or 11 speed Shimano MTB derailleur pulleys, mechanical or Di2, select the “Shimano MTB 12T” button above. 11 speed customers have the option to use the 12T14T pulleys for even greater efficiency and superior mud clearance when things get nasty.

For ALL 11 and 12 speed Shimano MTB derailleur pulleys, mechanical or Di2, select the “Shimano MTB 12T/14T” button above. If you have any Shimano Shadow Plus derailleur, you can run these.

For ALL 11 speed Sram derailleurs, mechanical or eTap, select the “Sram MTB 11spd” button above. These include all X-Horizon series derailleurs.

For ALL 12 speed Sram Eagle derailleurs, mechanical or eTap, select the “Sram Eagle 12spd” button above. These include all Eagle designated rear derailleurs.

If you have any questions, or need help identifying what bicycle pulley you many need, please call our Customer Service line: 866.865.3335.

Or email us:

Now, please select the appropriate button above to choose your ceramic derailleur pulley. Thank you.

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