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Discover WS2 coated Ceramitech, Ceramitech, and ABEC-7 bike bearings here at BBInfinite. Our selection of bicycle bearing replacements are sold in pairs and include options for 6805, 6806, 6706, 4030, and more. Ceramitech bicycle bearing replacements are processed with additional heat treatment steps, resulting in a bike bearing that resists ceramic-induced wear and provides a smooth ride. Our ABEC-7 bicycle bearings are rated with a tight tolerance and provide better precision.

If you’re unsure of which bike bearing you need, we have provided replacement bearings information on each page to guide you to the right option. Still unsure about what bike bearing replacement you need? Email us at info@bbinfinite.com or call us at 866.865.3335 (9am-7pm CST) for further assistance.

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