You have a Shimano MTB crankset. What bottom bracket standard is your bike?



Now that you have entered the Shimano MTB crank set standard installed on your bike, or the crank set you intend to install on your bike, you may select the appropriate bottom bracket standard of your bike to jump directly to the Shimano mountain bottom bracket you desire:

For ALL Shimano HollowTech II mountain bike crank sets, single, double, or triple, select the applicable frame bottom bracket standard button above.

The possible Shimano mountain bike bottom bracket sizes are:

PressFit30 MTB (73mm)

BB92 MTB (92mm)

Specialized OSBB PressFit30 MTB (73mm)

BB30 MTB (73mm)

BB95 Trek MTB (95mm)

BSA English Threaded 1.37 x 24TPI

Note: If you have any questions about Shimano Mountain bike bottom bracket sizes, compatibility, or need help identifying your Shimano MTB BB standard, please call our Customer Service line: 866.865.3335

Or email us:

Now, please select the appropriate Shimano MTB bottom bracket above. Thank you.

Bottom Bracket Selection Guide