30mm and DUB to Shimano/24mm Adaptors (set of 2)


Size Guide

These Delrin adaptors convert most of our DUB and XL models to work with any 24mm "Shimano-pattern" crank set, which includes cranks such as the Rotor 3D-24, Aldhu 24, all Shimano HollowTech2, SRM-24, FSA MegaExo, and so forth. The rule of thumb is if the BB is BBInfinite, and it works with DUB cranks, these 30mm/SRAM DUB to 24mm Shimano bottom bracket adapters will work for you, with a few exceptions below.

These adaptors DO NOT work with the following:

  • BB30-DUB-RD/BB30-XL-RD (due to bearings spacing issues only on BB30)
  • Non DUB or XL models

Sold in pairs.

Installation: Remove any spacers or inserts from previous DUB or 30mm crank install. Insert BBI-3024-RDMT adaptors into bearings over existing 2mm BBInfinite bearings shields. Simply install the 24mm Shimano-pattern crank you have.

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