Campagnolo 10 / 11spd Road Ceramitech Pulley Set (set of 2)


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  • From Athena to Super Record, we've got your ceramic pulley needs covered. Add some serious performance and make a statement with a flash of color. Or go stealth black. No matter how you go, you can't go wrong with our Campagnolo pulleys.

    Rock solid chain control means crisper shifts while Ceramitech bearings channel all your hard work to the ground.

    Each cog set features DELRIN® 510GR construction, a fiber reinforced polymer specially suited to high strength situations where resistance to deflection is paramount, such as every time you shift. The Ceramitech bearings are in-molded for absolute security and durability as well as ease of maintenance.


    It's a mystery to us why major manufacturers ignore bottom bracket and derailleur pulley performance and continue to pump out under-performing products that sap wattage from riders who are working like mad to get faster. You have the BBInfinite bottom bracket with Ceramitechs already, and you've experienced the tremendous gains. It's time for another step forward toward your goal. Get the most out of your ride by riding Ceramic derailleur pulleys


    BBInfinite's Ceramitech road bike pulleys have a 1-Year warranty.

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