BSA English Threaded for 30mm MTB spindles Ultra-lite Bottom Bracket


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  • The BBInfinite Ultra-Lite MTB Threaded BB System works with any long-pattern 30mm spindle mountain bike crank set on the market such as any Sram MTB crank, Rotor REX, and all the RaceFace Cinch cranks, just to name a few.

    NOTE: WILL NOT work with any BB30-only cranks with short spindles, such as the Cannondale Si Hollowgram.

    Weighing in at a skimpy 71 grams for the set, the BBInfinite Ultra-lite bottom bracket system delivers smooth, quiet, durable performance in an ultra compact form factor that allows maximum clearance for power meter back plates. Installs with common socket-style, 16-notch tools such as the classic Shimano TL-FC33, Park Tools BBT-69.2, and many others. Do not use open end wrench-style tools because they will slip and mar the finish, and let's face it, that ain't pro.

    ATTENTION: Always "chase and face" your frame bottom bracket shell before installation. Threads must be absolutely clean and clear of debris. Frame bottom bracket shell must be faced.

  • Technical Specifications


    WS2: 71g | CERAMITECH: 73g | ABEC-7 SS: 76g

    Frame Width: BSA 73mm English

    Frame Diameter: 1.37 x 24tpi English

    Spindle Diameter: 30mm

    Bearing Size: 4030

    Ceramitech 4030 | ABEC-7 4030

  • Spacers Stack for BENG-PF-MT

    BENG-PF-MT MTB Crank Spacer Chart

    Crank Length(mm) Spacer SKU
    110.75 -
    116.25 Spacer-2.5MM-SET

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