BSA English Threaded DUB Ultra-lite Road Bottom Bracket


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Integrated Spindle Protector

  • Our BBInfinite SRAM DUB English/BSA/Euro Threaded External Cup Road Bottom Bracket System works with any DUB Road (29mm) crank set on the market. This includes DUB SL and DUB WIDE variants. Weighing in at a skimpy 68 grams for the set, the Ultra-lite DUB bottom bracket delivers smooth, quiet, durable performance in an ultra-compact form factor that allows maximum clearance for power meter back plates. Installs with common socket-style, 16-notch tools such as the classic Shimano TL-FC33, Park Tools BBT-69.2, and many others such as our own here.

    Q: Why is there an Integrated Spindle Protector option? A: Some frames have extremely restrictive bottom bracket shells that get so narrow in the middle that there is barely clearance for a 29mm or 30mm spindle. A frame of this type will NOT admit our integrated spindle protector. If the frame is wide open inside, chose the "With" option. If your frame narrows inside, chose the "Without" option.

    ATTENTION: Always "chase and face" your frame bottom bracket shell before installation. Threads must be absolutely clean and clear of debris. Frame bottom bracket shell must be faced to 68mm for BSA road applications. If it is at 68mm, do not face it more. In this case simply chase the threads, clean, and install according to instructions.

    16-Notch Socket Cup

    Installation made easy ♥

    Fits ALL 16-notch 44mm OD cups.

    Compatible with ALL BBInfinite Threaded Bottom Brackets: Shimano, Gxp, 30mm, DUB, and M30.

    Fits 16-notch rotor disc lockrings

    Made in the USA


    Ceramitech Bearings: Our Si3n4 hybrid ceramic bearings feature ultra-spherical silicon nitride balls matched to SAE 52100 chrome steel bearing races that have been processed with additional heat treatment and polishing steps. The result is a hybrid-ceramic bearing that lasts longer than any steel bearing with spin performance no steel bearing can rival. We’re so confident in the durability of our Ceramitech bearings that we back them with a Lifetime Bearing Exchange warranty. These bearings feature mid-contact seals for extreme performance and endurance. Each bearing comes lubricated with Kluber Isoflex Topas NB52. Lifetime warranty.

    ABEC-7 Steel Bearings: Crafted from SAE 52100 chrome steel, our BBInfinite ABEC-7 (ISO 492, Class 4) bearings are so buttery that you’d have to buy our Ceramitechs to find anything better. These bearings feature mid-contact seals for extreme performance and endurance. Each bearing comes lubricated with Kluber or Koyo. 1-Year Bearing Exchange Warranty.

    SRAM DUB Compatibility Chart

    BB Standard Crank SRAM Part# BBI Upgrade
    BSA Road
    English Threaded
    DUB 00.6418.015.000
    BSA Road
    English Threaded
    DUB WIDE 00.6418.015.004
  • Technical Specifications


    WS2: 73g | CERAMITECH: 75g | ABEC-7 SS: 78g

    Frame Width: BSA 68mm English

    Frame Diameter: 1.37 x 24tpi English

    Spindle Diameter: DUB

    Bearing Size: 4030

    Ceramitech 4030 | ABEC-7 4030

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